Microsoft Will No Longer Offer Windows 10 Downloads From Feb. 1

More than a year after the public release of Windows 11, Microsoft has announced plans to stop selling Windows 10 licenses on its website.

Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses on its website starting next week. Windows 10 was originally released in 2015 as a follow-up to the reviled Windows 8/8.1. It received a largely positive response from both users and the media alike, with people praising its intuitive user interface, enhanced security, and other features. While it has since been replaced by Windows 11, Windows 10 remains one of the leading PC operating systems and is installed on nearly 70 percent of all Windows computers globally.


Microsoft has announced that it will stop offering Windows 10 Pro and Home downloads from the company’s official website as a part of its plans to wind down the eight-year-old operating system in favor of Windows 11. According to the Windows 10 download page, Jan. 31, 2023, will be the last day that the consumer versions of Windows 10 will be on sale and available to download from the site. However, the OS will get software support until Oct. 14, 2025, and will continue receiving bug fixes and security updates to keep Windows 10 PCs safe from viruses, spyware, and other malware.

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Microsoft Will Stop Selling Windows 10 Licenses Soon

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With Microsoft pulling Windows 10 downloads from its official website, users wanting to install the OS on their computer only have a few days to do so. While Windows 10 was originally offered as a free upgrade, Microsoft has since started charging a hefty price for the OS, irrespective of whether it is an in-place upgrade or a completely new installation. A direct download of Windows 10 Home is priced at $139, while a copy of Windows 10 Pro costs $199.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to obtain a Windows 10 license legally, even though Microsoft is stopping the sale of Windows 10 on its website. The OS is still available for purchase from online retailers like Newegg and Amazon. Microsoft hasn’t said anything about them having to stop selling those retail boxes soon. However, anyone with a compatible device should consider upgrading to Windows 11 if possible.

Windows 11 has been available for more than a year, but Windows 10 remains the most-used version of Windows by quite a significant margin. According to StatCounter, Windows 10 was installed on 67.95 percent of all Windows PC worldwide as of Dec. 2022, even as Windows 11 continues to languish with only 16.07 percent, while Windows 7 also retains a strong following.

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