Plenary Insights – January 2023

Each plenary session, DG COMM provides relevant public opinion data on key topics on the agenda:

  • Conclusions of the European Council meeting of 15 December 2022: European citizens remain resilient in their support to Ukraine. 74% approve of the EU’s support to Ukraine as well as the specific measures including sanctions against Russia, according to the EP’s latest Eurobarometer survey published in full last week. Almost six in ten citizens (58%) say they are satisfied with the cooperation between EU Member States in addressing the consequences of the war in Ukraine, while almost four in ten (37%) are not satisfied.
  • Program of the Swedish Presidency: In every EU Member State, more than seven in ten respondents are worried about the rising cost of living, with peak results in Greece (100%), Cyprus (99%), Italy and Portugal (both 98%), according to the EP’s latest Eurobarometer survey. The rising prices, including for energy and food, are felt across all sociodemographic categories such as gender or age as well as all educational and socio-professional backgrounds. The second most mentioned worry is the threat of poverty and social exclusion, followed by climate change and the spread of the war in Ukraine to other countries equal in third place.
  • 30th anniversary of the single market: More than seven in ten EU citizens think that, on balance, their country has benefited from being part of the EU. Main reasons for why citizens think their country has benefited from membership are that the EU contributes to maintaining peace and strengthening security (36%, +6 percentage points since November-December 2021), that the EU improves cooperation between their country and other countries of the EU (35%, +3 pp) and that the EU contributes to their country’s economic growth (30%, no change). (EP Autumn 2022 Eurobarometer).
  • Convention on Cybercrime: 28% of European SMEs have experienced at least one type of cybercrime in 2021. SMEs are most concerned about the risk of hacking online bank accounts (32%) and phishing, account takeover or impersonation attacks (31%), and viruses and spyware or malware (29%). (Eurobarometer survey on SMEs and Cybercrime).
  • Implementation of the common security and defense policy: European citizens massively support a common security and defense policy (81%). War in the EU’s neighborhood is seen as the main challenge to the internal security of the EU as 93% of Europeans consider this issue as important. (Eurobarometer survey on “Key challenges of our times – the EU in 2022”).

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