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Razvan Serea
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Jan 17, 2023 09:44 AM EST

Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. It offers great security, privacy, and protection against viruses, spyware, malware, and it can also easily block pop-up windows. The key features that have made Firefox so popular are the simple and effective UI, browser speed and strong security capabilities.

Firefox has complete features for browsing the Internet. It is very reliable and flexible due to its implemented security features, along with customization options. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online.

What’s new in Firefox 109.0:

  • Manifest Version 3 (MV3) extension support is now enabled by default (MV2 remains enabled/supported). This major update also ushers an exciting user interface changes in the form of the new extensions button.

  • The Arbitrary Code Guard exploit protection has been enabled in the media playback utility processes, improving security for Windows users.
  • The native HTML date picker for date and datetime inputs can now be used with a keyboard alone, improving its accessibility for screen reader users. Users with limited mobility can also now use common keyboard shortcuts to navigate the calendar grid and month selection spinners.
  • Firefox builds in the Spanish from Spain (es-ES) and Spanish from Argentina (es-AR) locales now come with a built-in dictionary for the Firefox spellchecker.



  • Effective on January 16, Colorways will no longer be in Firefox. Users will still be able to access saved and active Colorways from the Add-ons and themes menu option.
  • On macOS, Ctrl or Cmd + trackpad or mouse wheel now scrolls the page instead of zooming. This avoids accidental zooming and matches the behavior of other web browsers on macOS.
  • The Recently Closed section of Firefox View now equips users with the ability to manually close/remove url links from the list.
  • The empty state messages and graphic components surfaced in Firefox View for the Tab Pickup and Recently Closed sections have been updated for an improved user experience.



  • The ability to automatically break when code on the page hits an events handler has been available since Firefox 69. Firefox 109 now adds new support for the scrollend event. To use this new event breakpoint, open the JS debugger and find and expand the Event Listener Breakpoints section in the right hand column (learn more).


  • The scrollend event is now enabled by default. The event is fired when a scroll has completed.
  • Firefox now permanently partitions Storage in third-party contexts independent of Storage Access to align with other browsers and provide better Web compatibility.

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Download: Firefox 64-bit | Firefox 32-bit | ~50.0 MB (Freeware)
Download: Firefox 109.0 for Linux | 64-bit | ~70.0 MB
Download: Firefox for Mac OS | 125.0 MB
View: Firefox Home Page | Release Notes

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