Xtra-PC Reviews – Should You Buy XtraPC or Unsafe Product?

A slow computer can make work or quickly surfing through your computer a dreadful experience.

Sometimes your computer could be so sluggish that your system may take several minutes to start up and even longer before you can start software or launch a browser.

While your location or ISP might be the underlying problem behind the poor speed, an outdated machine is also to blame.

Thankfully, the advancement of technology has brought up a solution known as the Xtra-PC, which functions on laptops and desktops and can even run on machines without a hard drive or with little storage. All you need is a computer with a USB port and one that satisfies the maker’s system requirements. Modernized personal computers and those that run any operating system can both use the Xtra-PC

What is Xtra-PC?

The Xtra-PC is made specifically to improve the performance and speed of your computerand you can select from three different packages depending on how fast you want your computer to operate.

Both laptop and desktop personal computers are compatible with the Xtra-PC as long as the computer has a USB port. You only need an internet connection to get it fired up the first time you plug in the USB. Subsequently, you won’t require an internet connection to use the Xtra-PC later.

The tool helps you get your old computer working like it’s brand new. You can turn on your computer, watch videos, type, edit documents, and perform other tasks.

Every computer in the world runs on a specific kind of operating system. The most popular ones are iOS, the operating system used by Apple computers, and Windows, produced by Microsoft. Both systems require a licensing cost and include many unnecessary software and programs. You can use Linux as your operating system by eschewing that one with Xtra-PC. Today, a lot of experts use the same OS. In this Xtra-PC review, we’ll examine this product in great detail and consider its variants.


Protection against viruses and possibly malware

You may pick up malicious files and downloaded items when you browse the web and download games and apps.

Spyware and adware are two of the many diverse angles it can take. Adware can cause adverts to show while you’re online or attempt to access a file and boost the number of ads you view. However, when using spyware, you risk having your data taken and forwarded to a different computer by the program.

Even though Xtra-PC wasn’t specifically built to offer protection against malware, it can protect you from many dangers like viruses. The Linux operating system can also help stop you from downloading potentially harmful files, such as those popularly known to come with certain games.

Beginner-friendly and easy to use

Many who are more tech-savvy might need help locating a Linux operating system that they can download and use, but if you lack knowledge, this software could teach you how to use those outdated computers that you previously dismissed as useless.

Developers of the Xtra-PC know that finding a copy of Linux that you can download to a USB stick and use on your computer may require weeks of study and research before you can comfortably do so, and it often takes less experienced users longer to adjust their BIOS settings and use those disks before they feel comfortable doing so.

However, beginners who want to use and learn the fundamentals of Linux might find Xtra-PC helpful because the package is received with a USB stick, a pre-installed operating system, and quick documentation outlining the precise procedures to take to use.

Guards your online safety

One advantage of Xtra-PC that is often overlooked is that it can assist you in maintaining your online security. When you visit websites on your computer, you leave a trail of the locations you visited; these traces are usually called cookies.

Cookies grant website owners access to track and follow your online activities and even go as far as determining your location based on your IP address.

Sometimes these websites compel you to subscribe to updates and can automatically send you advertisements and notices whenever they publish new content or run advertisements. With the Xtra-PC, you can freely browse the internet while remaining anonymousand no one will be able to know who you are or track your activity on any website.

Easy Use and reuse of old computers

Old computers can be used easily and you could use the supplied programs to carry out activities online.

You receive software with the Pro version that can restore deleted, damaged, and lost files.

As new updates for Linux operating systems become available, the gadget makes it simple for you to upgrade.

Several options to select from

You can choose based on the amount of additional storage you may require or the level of speed.

Grants you easy access

The USB drive enables you to access your favorite accounts and sites, such as Google and Facebook, when linked to the internet.

Endorsed by leading sites

Leading websites like USA Today, Yahoo, and ABC are just a few that endorse the Xtra-PC.

Allows you to save files on your drive

You can view and save files on your drive from other computers.

Any computer’s processing speed can be greatly increased.


The main criticism is that the gadget adds a Linux operating system to your computer, which you can accomplish from other sources.

It took an hour to set it up depending on connectivity.

It may prevent users from accessing the data on your computer.

Customers have complained about the excessive delivery costs in several locations.

Typically, you can’t use the software and programs that your previous operating system supported.

How does Xtra PC Work?

Your internet service provider widely determines your internet’s maximum speed. Most businesses have a limit, and your connection will start slowing down when you reach that limit.

Other determinants include where you live, your internet, and even where you set the wireless network in your home.

Xtra-PC helps you manage the issue of poor internet connectivity by using Linux after you insert the disc that generally contains this OS into your computer. You can access that same OS via Xtra-PC as many modern PCs don’t have a disc drive.

In addition to giving you access to the OS, Xtra-PC also includes the necessary support, as less computer-savvy individuals could find it challenging to understand how to install and use the system.

When installing the product for the first time and whenever you need to use it in the future, you can get assistance thanks to the support provided by the producers. Xtra PC comes with a USB drive that offers additional storage.

Who and what it’s for

Anyone who wants to use an outdated or sluggish computer should use Xtra-PC as it can enable your computer disk cleanup setting so you can remove unused programs and temporary files, which will automatically speed things up.

Generally, customers who desire to use Linux and those who feel comfortable moving to a different operating system can do so with Xtra-PC.

So whether you want to use old computers with outdated operating systems or get rid of malware and viruses, the Xtra-PC is your best bet.

You can also use it if you want to reuse a personal computer without a hard disc or a computer that has been wiped clean of all operating systems.

How to use Xtra-PC

Using Xtra-PC is as uncomplicated as looking at priceless images on a flash drive or thumb drive.

After the item is delivered, take the drive out of its packaging and turn on your computer.

Then you insert the disk into your computer’s USB port. It’s also a good idea to close or end any open apps before inserting the USB.

Your computer may take a few minutes to recognize the drive, but once it does, a popup will show on your screen asking what you want to do with the device will appear. You should select the option that permits the drive to function and download Linux into your computer.

The duration of the process will largely rely on your internet speed. A normal connection should take a few minutes, but it could last up to an hour if your internet is slow.

It would help if you stayed by your computer throughout the process because several windows will ask you various questions.

Your site or screen should change as the computer finishes the operation. Once the Linux has been downloaded, you can use the operating system to work from home or perform any other computer-related tasks you like without internet trouble.

Refund policy

Manufacturers offer a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.

You can ask for a full refund under the Xtra-PC 30-day money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchasing one of these goods.

Your 30-day refund period will begin on the day the item is delivered to your home, and according to producers, the Xtra-PC must be in good, like-new condition and come with the original packing.

Bottom line

While that is true, Xtra-PC offers additional support that you can’t get online or over the phone, and even though it is largely criticized for using Linux, which can be gotten elsewhere for free, its function surpasses just that alone.

It protects your online presence and allows you to use all your favorite apps and even some of the computer files you have saved. It is undoubtedly one of the best products for speeding up older personal computers.


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