7 modern problems NordVPN solves


THE evolution of online activities has increased our privacy concerns.

While many VPNs provide the standard security features, Nord goes one step further. NordVPN uses advanced technology to protect its users against the pressing issues of the present day, like hacking, cyberattacks and data theft.

In this article, we have listed seven modern problems related to online security that NordVPN can solve. From location tracking to cyberattacks, we have covered everything. So, let’s get started.

1. Spying and snooping

Online users are a vulnerable target to spies and snoops, hiding behind the digital walls.

These spies record your online activities by tracking your connection timestamps, browsing history and purchase patterns.

Most of the time, users do not even know about such trackers. However, sometimes we grant permission by agreeing to a site’s terms and conditions or allowing it to accept cookies.

NordVPN allows you to mask your IP to keep your search history to yourself. Using this feature can prevent spyware and cybercriminals from unwanted online surveillance.

When your IP address is masked, trackers cannot find the exact origin of your connection or track your search history.

2. Information mishandling

Most websites and social media platforms require each user’s personal information to allow them access.

More often than not, these sites store user information for multiple purposes.

While the primary goal is to tailor ads according to user preferences, sensitive personal data can also be mishandled, leading to severe consequences.

By using NordVPN, you can prevent your data from being breached. With its robust data encryption, Nord provides users with a secure tunnel where they can roam freely.

Turning the VPN on before putting your credentials into an e-banking or e-commerce site creates a safe environment and prevents cybercriminals from accessing your data.

3. Data/identity theft

Another privacy concern these days is the identity or data theft.

When you share your sensitive information, like credit card information, social security numbers and driving licenses, via public networks, cybercriminals and hackers can access it through different means.

Cybercriminals use such sensitive data to impersonate someone and steal their identity for illegal activities.

Identity and data theft can have serious consequences, and NordVPN can protect you against them.

Whatever information you share via Nord is encrypted, so your credit card details remain safe from hackers and criminals. Through its Double VPN feature, you can also maximize your protection with an extra security layer.

4. Location tracking

All smart devices have built-in GPS, making it easier for snoops to track your location.

The latest smartphones also have geotagging features, tagging each photo with its location.

Besides, most social media users upload pictures and posts with locations and other private details. It’s all fun and games until it isn’t.

You may send this information to a limited audience, but these sites save every bit of data you share.

While they may not misuse it, your data is always at risk of being leaked during a data breach.

NordVPN uses advanced security features that allow you to hide your IP address and location while surfing the web.

You can keep trackers away when you hide these valuable pieces of information. Advertisers or cybercriminals will not be able to see your location.

While you may not get location-based ads, your online existence becomes safer by using Nord.

5. Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are another evil that plagues the digital world.

Cybercriminals gain access to sensitive information of individuals or businesses and exploit this information for vulnerabilities.

After accessing this information, they may alter, expose, steal or destroy it.

Some cyber attackers also ask for money in return for the stolen data.

Business owners and individuals can stay safe from a range of cyber threats using NordVPN.

This VPN uses a Threat Protection feature to block malware, viruses, infected websites and trackers that may lead to a cyberattack.

Although Nord can offer maximum protection against these attacks, it cannot protect users in the case of human error, like clicking on malicious links.

6. Data profiling

Data profiling is a systematized process of monitoring, cleansing and compiling data into profiles.

When you surf the internet, you leave a comprehensive data trail of the websites you visit, stores your shop from and transactions you make.

Many advertisers and social media platforms monitor user activity to learn their behavior patterns for marketing purposes.

However, if such information about a person is leaked in places like the dark web, it can cause serious consequences.

Using NordVPN, users can mask their internet activity, keep their browsing habits and prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information.

There are minimal chances of data profiling with a hidden IP address, encrypted data transmission and heightened security.

If in an unfortunate instance, someone leaks your credentials on the dark web, Nord will immediately detect it with its Dark Web Monitor and inform you.

7. Social Media Privacy Threats

Social media usage is prevalent worldwide, giving rise to many privacy issues.

Many of the problems discussed above are rooted in social media platforms, like location tracking is closely linked to social media.

Many privacy setting loopholes on almost all social media platforms make user information vulnerable.

These loopholes may lead to cyberbullying, harassment, impersonation, hacking and identity theft.

NordVPN uses robust encryption to provide users with a secure tunnel for data transmission.

While it may not protect against the consequences of willingly provided information, NordVPN will hide your IP address and location.

You can also keep your browsing history private by using Nord.

Avoid Modern Privacy Concerns With NordVPN

NordVPN uses Dave Chappelle’s words; modern problems require modern solutions as its motto to provide users with maximum online protection.

With the rising cases of identity theft, cyberattacks and hacking, using a VPN is inevitable, and Nord is one of the top contenders.

You can avoid most online privacy concerns with encrypted data tunnels, IP address masking, double VPN protection and dark web monitoring.

Download NordVPN for iPhone or Android. – December 16, 2022.

* NordVPN uses advanced technology to protect its users against the pressing issues of the present day, like hacking, cyberattacks and data theft.

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