Want to get more from your broadband? Family’s tips for saving via EE

A mum-of-two has revealed her top tips for getting more for your money around the home with EE, the UK’s most reliable network.

Becca and Daniel Masters live in Ashford, Surrey with their nine-year-old daughter, Emma, ​​and eight-month-old son, Lincoln.

Becca, 38, and Daniel, 38, who works in payroll, have found a number of ways to get extra value from their mobile and broadband provider – from getting smart with data usage to taking advantage of all the added perks available.

Becca, who looks after school and business group bookings at South Western Railway, said: “When we joined EE, we took the time to figure out which package suited us best. My husband is a massive gamer, so we researched gaming bundles and ended up getting a free Xbox Game Pass. By choosing the right package from the start, it means we’re getting the best value for money.

HeraldScotland: Lincoln and Daniel MastersLincoln and Daniel Masters (Picture: EE/BT)

“It’s always worth looking into what extra deals you can get from your provider – the results might surprise you.”

Becca joined EE as she works from home full-time and wanted a provider that she could count on to be reliable and fast, so it was good value for money.

The family also makes use of the EE family account which allows parents Becca and Daniel to move spare data to different members of the family.

Becca said: “It’s really handy being able to give my daughter extra data when we’re out and about or on a long car journey. Having a family account also gets us discounts, this gives you money off your plan when you add other accounts – meaning we’re able to get even more value out of it.”

Becca also says that keeping track of data usage is another way the family saves money.

She said: “It’s such an easy thing to do, but just keeping an eye on your data usage means you can save up and avoid buying extra data at the end of the month. I use the EE app to keep track of all of our data, as well as checking what apps are using data in the background and turn them off if we don’t need them. we need it.

“The key to finding good value through your provider is being savvy, making sure you’re on the best package for you and your family, and keeping an eye out for an extra add-ons available. I’ve found going to the store and chatting to someone face to face is often the best way to do it because you find out little hints and ideas that can really make a difference.”

Sharon Meadows – Director of Broadband and Mobile at EE shares:

“Right now, we are all looking for the best value for the products and services we use every day. You can count on EE to get a great deal more to squeeze the most value from every connection in your home.”

  • Smart Data Usage – Work smarter, not harder. Use your providers’ app to keep tabs on your data usage to make sure you’re not left short at the end of the month. Buying extra data can be costly, so managing your usage can save money by avoiding extra add-ons. Head to your settings to see what apps use data in the background and check your overall usage regularly. You can even make the most of free Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, like the 150,000 hotspots that EE customers can access.
  • Make your tech last longer – Repairing devices rather than buying new can help save some money off your bills. Taking good care of your mobile and gadgets will reward you in the long run. Consider investing in a good quality case, making the most of EE’s annual device check-up, or even go in-store for a rapid repair service – this is included in EE customer contracts.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – If you’ve just received a new phone then why not recycle your old one? Rather than letting your device clutter up drawers, you can exchange your device for some easy money. Trade in your old phone, tablet or watch with EE to securely refurbish or recycle – you could save an average of £140. And if buying new isn’t your bag, why not go for a refurbished device? Expertly refurbished tech can save you money in comparison to new devices.
  • Share the love by gifting unused data – Most, if not all members of a household will be tech lovers. Make the most of your family’s time online by syncing plans so you can spread data across each user. Using the EE family account means you can move spare data to different plans so you can get the best value whilst keeping the whole family connected. They often come with multi-line discounts so you get even more value when you share the love.
  • Get a great deal more on your broadband – If you select EE’s Norton Security Premium feature then you can protect up to 10 devices, including PCs, Macs®, smartphones and tablets with EE. This comprehensively prevents viruses, spyware, malware, and other threats and gives you 75GB of secure PC cloud backup and a Secure VPN for your loved devices. The package is worth £79.99, but with EE Broadband you get it included at no extra cost, for a year.


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