Warwick plan to curtail short-term rentals faces fierce opposition

WARWICK − Bill Gagnier pulls out the rule book for his short-term rental house in Pawtuxet Village, just one lot away from the river.

The binder has instructions on how to operate the TV and streaming services, where to eat, where to find things in the house, and what the rules are, like don’t park on the lawn.

Gagnier said he makes sure a full wine bottle is always in front of the rule book, to ease his guests into it.

Under a set of regulations written by the city’s planning department and proposed by Councilor Edgar Ladouceur, Gagnier’s short-term rental would be banned in the city because he does not live in the building.

When the Warwick City Council opened a public hearing, Monday night, on the proposed ordinance, 16 short-term rental owners welcomed regulation of their industry but decried the elimination of their livelihoods through the banning of all but owner-occupied units.

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