WhatsApp: update to avoid security breach and introduce the new Call Links feature

The WhatsApp platform advises everyone to update the application immediately to avoid a newly detected vulnerability.

On the platform, Mark Zuckerberg launched the new Call Links feature that’ll allow for video calls of up to 32 people.

Update WhatsApp to stop sneezing from the security problem.

There’s a security flaw detected in the WhatsApp chat platform [email protected]/Unsplash.

There are good and bad news for the users of WhatsApp. Let’s start with the latter. The chat platforms technical team is recommending all users update the application now so that they don’t have to see that a new security problem is discovered.

According to the released information, the vulnerability lets the transmission of viruses, malware or spyware on the smartphone. Finally, the device’s operating system is fully run.

According to the WhatsApp team, all users who have versions older than WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp Business for Android, WhatsApp for iOS and WhatsApp Business for iOS

Now I’ll get the good news.

The New Call Links feature has been announced in WhatsApp app.

Mark Zuckerberg is the one who announced a new WhatsApp Call Links feature on Facebook. According to the CEO, the chat platform already has eight-digital testing for the ability to record a video call for up to 32 people.

This application will support audio and video calls with a lot more people, nearing its rivals, Google Meet and Zoom, which offer this option already.

It’s a simple process, too. You can just access the Calls menu for a new group call. Then just select all the interlocutors so that a call link is created. Finally, each guest will receive a link for the conversation.

It’s been noted that the WhatsApp platform allows group video calls and a total of only eight people, including the user who requests the call.

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