Mobile Apps: A Little Carelessness On Mobile Apps Can Cause Big Loss, Know What Is The Reason

Cyber ​​Crime Mobile App: In the digital age, nowadays every person is using mobile app a lot. Mobiles are being used for every small work. This news is of more use to those people, who do many things on their mobile from the application. Let us tell you that this can cause you heavy losses.

Fast growing cybercrime

Banking Transactions

Be careful

this is carelessness

anti virus use
Tell you that you should use a good anti-virus on all your devices. About 90 percent of people use anti-virus to protect their personal computer. Very few people use anti-virus software to protect mobile phones. The first thing you should spend money for is anti-virus software while buying a phone.

This is Anti-Virus

Ritesh Chopra says that Norton 360 Anti-Virus software lets you protect 3 devices annually at a cost of just Rs 999. Once you have installed Norton 360 in your mobile phone, you get all the features like message filtering. Norton 360 Anti-Virus software alerts you to harmful Trojans or spyware viruses that come in the form of messages on your phone. This software continuously scans your phone as well as alerts you about threats.

Use app advisory
According to a survey conducted by Norton a year ago, on an average, Indians have 48 apps on their phones. Most of these people do not log off after using the app in their mobile phone. They know about the permission option sought by these apps, yet they give their consent on it. Use of some apps may require permissions for the microphone, camera, and location. But many times it also happens that people unknowingly give permission asked by an app without need.

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