A Complete Guide To Nopon Registry In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 not only follows its predecessors’ cue with bountiful sidequests and rich rewards for those who partake in them. It goes a step further, mixing in an optional mission that will span interested players nearly the full length of the adventure if they wish to complete it.

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This epic entanglement is called Nopon Registry. You’ll learn about it very early in the story, but from thereon out, it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to engage or spend your time doing, well, anything except worrying over where to find 19 scattered merchant Nopon.


Our advice? Do it, but use our guide to make things easier.

Getting Started With Nopon Registry

This quest begins in Chapter Two. The party spots a Ferronis Hulk, and must wade their way through a den of monsters before claiming the spot for themselves. Introductions are made to numerous gameplay mechanics, including how to boot up future Ferronis Hulks and why operating fabricators is worth your while.

More to the point, a Nopon named Shillshill will introduce themselves. There’s a good bit of conversation to be had here, as Shillshill is all for gabbing, but eventually you’ll get the message — Shillshill’s Nopon associates are scattered about the world of Aionios and they’d very much like for you, in your infinite kindness and considerable strength, to take a registry of the gang by receiving a colored stone from each of them.

You’ll find each of these vagabond Nopon at rest sites. It might go without saying, but you won’t be able to complete this quest immediately; it requires you to have unlocked every major region in the game. That’s going to take a while.

One last bit to note before we get started. If you follow our advice and attempt to get as many merchants registered as early as possible, you’re going to bump into some fierce foes for your level at times. Do your best to bypass them, or call them forth one enemy at a time if you can. If all else fails, just come back later!v No harm, no foul, and there are plenty of places to level up.

Every Nopon Merchant In The Aetia Region


You’ll find Miimo at the Forward Post Camp near Colony 9.


Tea Battlescar Ferronis Hulk is further out into the expanse of stagnant air and corpses called Everblight Plain. You’ll recognize this as the spot seen at the beginning of the game. Beware Level 40+ foes in the area.

Every Nopon Merchant In The Fornis Region


Bennel Cave Camp is where you will spot Kikinu, and you pretty much can’t miss her as this campground is mandatory story material.


At Llyn Nyddwr Campwhich is smack dab in the center of this portion of the Fornis Region so it’s not hard to find.


Tea Seilas Terras Camp is a mandatory place to stay, so just be sure you speak with Totutu while you’re there.


It’s another Ferronis Hulk to contend with, or rather, to scare away the buggers who have infested it. The enemies are in the upper thirties, and there are enough of them packed into a small enough area that we strongly suggest luring them one by one when possible (unless you’re significantly overleveled, of course).


Two Ferronis Hulks in a row. Tea Tableland Ferronis Hulk won’t present you with as tough a fight as the prior one, so you can probably tackle it whilst coasting through the Chapter Three main story nearby.

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Every Nopon Merchant In The Pentelas Region


Zoka is hanging out at the Urayan-Tunnelmeaning it won’t take long before you inevitably bump into him.


It’s Ferronis Hulk time again. Waterfall Ferronis Hulk is above the great waterfalls.


It’s tough to miss Loloka when she’s hanging out on your way into the truly vast Maktha Wildwood.


The hike en route to Clifftop Ferronis Hulk is almost as challenging as the unique monsters you’ll need to elude and the obligatory liberation battle itself. Be cautious.


Our last friend in the Pentelas Region is at Engardo Campa spot you’ll become quite familiar with for narrative purposes.

Every Nopon Merchant In The Keves Castle Region


Bitbit is, in fact, the only Nopon Merchant in the Keves Castle region, and they’re fairly easy to find.

Every Nopon In The Cadensia Region


Our first Nopon stop through this most excellently large of regions is Dumdum, whom you’ll find at the Ferronis Hulk Atoll. Search to the south of the Erythisia Sea to locate the ridge that will you here.


Your search for Horn Island will take you to the far left (west) side of the map at roughly its center.


Don’t worry too much about this selfish Selfifi. You’ll find her during a mandatory event.

00 Hazidazi Xenoblade

Tam Tam

The best way to reach the numerous sand streams and pitfalls which use the Sandbar Ferronis Hulk is to skip to near the lighthouse once you’ve reached that spot in the story. From there, head north.


Does this guy hold the bold distinction of the Nopon with the greatest name of them all? Ruggyscruggy is found at the Jail Campwhich is technically a separate map, but it more or less fits here.

Every Nopon Merchant In The Upper Aetia Region


It’s possible, albeit somewhat unlikely, that Momama won’t be the final Nopon Merchant you find in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This sole member of the troupe to occupy the late-game Upper Aetia Region is located at Tsang Camp.

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