SOUND OFF: Kamloops population is surging — keeping under-pressure older properties clean and habitable

With these older properties it’s often important to undertake regular maintenance. That’s true whether it’s more in-depth external tasks, such as repairing facades, or through regular cleaning of antiquated wood floors and heritage wallpapers. Furthermore, the registry of Heritage Buildings maintained by the City of Kamloops reveals a glut of residential properties that are protected by certain rules and regulations that can make proper maintenance more difficult — both in terms of maintenance, and in terms of ensuring that heritage features are sensitively maintained and then restored. Do your research if you’re in such a property; it’ll save you tough conversations with conservators at a later date and help to preserve the sense of character about the property.

Dealing with the flood

Kamloops is threatened every single year by floods, according to CTV News. This is an ever-present risk with each rainier season, and in between those periods, too. There isn’t much that homeowners can ever do to totally protect older properties from flood damage, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure that damage isn’t lasting. Stocking up on some minor flood defences, such as sandbags, is a good idea. Ensuring that belongings are kept on the top floors, too, can help to prevent damage. Flooding won’t destroy every property come the season in Kamloops, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on and ensure you are prepared for.

Kamloops was in need of some new blood, and it’s got it with the latest surge of new residents into the area. As new developments fly up, there is still a lot of older housing stock that isn’t quite up to the same standard. Residents will face a task in keeping these properties up to scratch, but it’s entirely doable.


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