How the Android.Spy.4498 Trojan Steals Your WhatsApp Data (and How to Beat It)

Trojans that copy popular apps like WhatsApp have been around for a long time. However, as you may well know, they are illegal. Despite their illegality, these types of viruses, fake apps, and Trojans are becoming more and more common today, stealing important information from many people’s smartphones worldwide.

Among all these threats is Android.Spy.4498 Trojan that copies your WhatsApp app is becoming more and more common. For this reason, it is normal for you to wonder what you can do to avoid being spied on by Trojans on your mobile.

What Is Android.Spy.4498?

The Trojan is called Android.Spy.4498, and it’s the fastest-growing Trojan in 2022. This Trojan works as an app that imitates WhatsApp. If you see it on an app store, you will think that it is the legitimate and trusted WhatsApp official app, and therefore, you will install it on your mobile in the usual way.

However, it will not be the WhatsApp app you are installing but rather a fake app that will access all your information on your phone through notifications you tap on. Additionally, it will also automatically install other malicious apps without your consent. These could potentially access banking info, social media, and personal information.

If you are wondering how a Trojan can access your information via notifications, this is how: once Android.Spy.4498 access your notifications, it will allow cybercriminals to skip the two-step verification that many banking apps and data sites require. Remember that the notification with the verification key can usually be seen without opening the message.

This is one of the most common methods for hackers to access your bank account and why this Trojan is one of the most popular and dangerous out there.

How Can You Avoid Installing a Fake App on Your Smartphone?

Ironically enough, avoiding Trojans like this is fairly straightforward. The only thing you must avoid is downloading apps outside official stores such as the App Store or Google Play. Official platforms like Google Play make sure that the apps you can download on them are reliable apps that won’t harm your smartphone.

In the case of Huawei phones, which do not have access to Play Store, extra precautions must be taken as you will be tempted to install an app through unofficial platforms, and that is precisely where you run the risk of downloading a Trojan.

Sometimes, these Trojans will be disguised and advertised as “complements/updates” for already existing apps on your phone. These can include WhatsApp in different languages, widgets, or even other complementary tools like extra GIFs and emojis. Android.Spy.4498 in many cases will advertise itself as one of these fake update WhatsApp apps.

If you download one of these fake update apps, you will still get the update and advertised perks, in order to not give away the true intention of the app. Still, you will also likely get unwanted viruses or Trojans. There are plenty of ways to avoid downloading Trojans, but if you did already, do not worry.

What Should You Do if You Already Downloaded a Fake App?

First of all, it is recommended to remove all the following WhatsApp mods in case you have already installed any of them:

  • GBWhatsApp
  • OBWhatsApp
  • whatsapp more

These three have been tagged as malicious Trojans. If you have already had the misfortune of having your smartphone infected with a virus through these apps, you might have downloaded Android.Spy.4498. In this case, it will be useful for you to download a smartphone antivirus. It is not common to install an antivirus for your smartphone, but it is becoming more and more essential as Trojans like Android.Spy.4498 has shown us.

Today, new smartphones have so much storage space that we rarely see them reach their limit. For this reason, an antivirus app on your mobile will not pose any space problems unless you have an old mobile. The most popular antivirus brands have also designed specific mobile apps to defeat today’s evolving phone Trojans and viruses. Among the most popular are Norton and Bitdefender Mobile Security.

Should You Be Worried?

If you are the kind of person who downloads different apps and updates from unofficial app stores, there is a chance you might have infected your phone with Trojans like Android.Spy.4498. If so, just follow the tips from above and check your bank accounts and social media for suspicious activity.

And, just to be safe, regardless if you only download apps from official app stores or not, download an antivirus and scan your phone regularly. If you do this, there will be nothing to worry about.

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