How do I get rid of a pop-up warning about viruses?

Q: I have a problem with a pop-up that keeps appearing on the lower right-hand side of my Desktop screen. It appears every time I open my computer and is a real nuisance — plus embarrassing, given the content of the messages that appear in it (not to go into specifics). The header of the message reads “” and the messages tell me that my computer has viruses as well as several other statements. When running an antivirus scan on my computer, it shows I have no infections though, and when I Google the URL in the notification headers the results show that it is SPAM. Any idea how to fix this?

— Millie H., Vero Beach

HAS: This sounds like another case of Windows Push Notification malware.

As described in recent columns on the topic, this adware uses a website’s permissions prompt command (when the site you are on asks if you want to “Block” or “Allow” notifications from it during your visit) as a trigger to push infection- causing messages into your Windows notifications panel (also called “push notifications”). Because these messages appear as notifications from Windows instead of website pop-ups, they feel more legitimate than typical adware teasers and thus more tempting to click on, but needless to say, the intentions are the same as those more traditional versions: To get you to click on them so they can launch a virus upon your system.

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