DGs Sandrine Ngalula and Gaby Lubiba for electricity meter certification tests

The certification of the quality of electricity meters by tests was on the menu of the exchanges that Mrs. Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga, DG of the Regulatory Authority of the electricity sector (ARE) and Mr. Gaby Lubiba Mampuya, DG of the Congolese Office of Control (OCC), had Monday, May 30, 2022, at the General Management of the OCC.

Driven by the desire to protect consumers of electrical energy, Professor Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga, CEO of the Electricity Sector Regulatory Authority, worked with her colleague from the OCC on the certification of electricity meters. prepaid electrical energy. “I came to see the DG of the OCC, Lubiba Mampuya, precisely to talk about the counters. You know as the Regulatory Authority for the electricity sector, we have to protect the rights of consumers. That is to say that we must ensure the quality of electricity meters, for example, prepaid meters”, declared the DG of the AER.

According to Mrs. Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga, several tests will have to be done to ensure the conformity of the meter. “And it is within the framework of these tests to check the quality of the meters that we have in the DRC that I came to see my colleague, Mr. DG Gaby Lubiba Mampuya”, she added. When people pay for electricity, she continued, we must ensure that the meter works according to the law.

Soon an accompanying protocol

The reaction of the DG of the OCC was more than positive. While confirming that Doctor Sandrine Ngalula cares about consumers, he affirmed that they talked about the said tests together. “She came to seek the expertise of the OCC as a third party to support them in the certification of the meters. After our exchanges, we accepted, we don’t even have a choice to make, we are obliged to support it in its mission of regulation and protection of the population”, reacted Mr. Gaby Lubiba Mampuya. “At the end of our exchanges, we are going to sign an ARE support protocol for the certification of prepaid electricity meters”, announced the CEO of the OCC.

Need to scrutinize the material

Indeed, used in particular by the National Electricity Company, the electricity prepayment system is gaining more and more momentum in the DRC. This is why the ARE requests the expertise of the OCC, as a public body responsible for conformity assessment, for the verification of the quality of the meters by testing. It is worth it because there are several kinds of prepayment meters and manufactured in different countries of the world.

Above all, consumer protection

ARE provides regulation, control and monitoring of electricity sector activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. By way of consumer protection, it receives complaints and complaints from customers, before seeking appropriate solutions. Among the problems that the population often encounters with regard to electrical energy are overbilling, untimely power cuts, etc. Information relating to consumer protection, the ARE has published on its website: www.are .gouv.cd.

Since 1er November 2021, the ARE officially set up a Cell which receives consumer complaints, examines them and finds solutions. Among other things, the unit conducts conciliation in the event of disputes between electricity supplier and consumers, before thinking of possibly going to court.



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