but what is this nebulous new feature for?

A new feature recently landed on the TousAntiCovid application. Named Pass+, it makes it possible to associate several vaccination or recovery certificates. We take stock of its operation and the problems reported by users.

The TousAntiCovid application includes a new feature: Pass+ – Credit: TousAntiCovid/Tom’s Guide

The pandemic has brought its share of paperwork. So much so that it is often difficult to navigate. After the time of travel certificates came that of vaccination certificates. Available in paper version, these can also be scanned in the TousAntiCovid application. A way to easily access your vaccination pass to be able to show it quickly in places where it is required.

A new feature called Pass+ has however appeared on the application since February 1. And users struggle to understand its intricacies… Tom’s Guide comes to the rescue to sort it all out for you.

TousAntiCovid: what is the use of Pass+?

Pass+ is a new section of TousAntiCovid. She permits “to combine several certificates to generate a new valid certificate within the framework of the French vaccination pass”, can we read in particular on the application. Such functionality has therefore become necessary due to the advent of the vaccination pass, which has been compulsory since January 24 for adults. The health pass (which you could get by doing a simple test) is no longer relevant.

TousAntiCovid: who is affected by Pass+?

Three profiles are affected by this new feature:

  • You have just had your first dose of vaccine. So you do not yet have a fully completed vaccination schedule. From then on, you can obtain an ephemeral vaccination pass by adding a negative test dating back less than 24 hours to the application.
  • You have already had two bites and contracted Covid-19. Now, one infection equals one booster dose. To obtain your vaccination pass, you can thus combine a positive test of more than 11 days and your vaccination certificate in the Pass+ section.
  • You have performed certain injections in different countries (or in certain overseas territories). Pass+ then gives you the possibility of obtaining an aggregated “reminder” certificate by adding up your various health proofs.

Here are the cases in which the reinstatement certificates will be functional without an expiry date:

Image 2: Pass+ on TousAntiCovid: but what is this nebulous new feature for?
Credit: TousAntiCovid website

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TousAntiCovid: how does Pass+ work?

  • Open the TousAntiCovid application.
  • Upload your vaccination or recovery certificates by clicking on Scan a QR Code.
  • Once done, return to the home page then click on the heading Notebook & Pass+.
Image 3: Pass+ on TousAntiCovid: but what is this nebulous new feature for?
Credit: TousAntiCovid/Tom’s Guide
  • In the Pass+ tab, then touch the blue button labeled Use Pass+.
  • Then tick the correct boxes (e.g. negative test + first dose certificate) and click To validate.
Image 4: Pass+ on TousAntiCovid: but what is this nebulous new feature for?
Credit: TousAntiCovid
  • You now have your Pass+ certificate!

Pass+: a mess of problems reported

That’s in theory. In practice, some users struggle to generate their Pass+ certificate. On the application’s Facebook page, many women are faced with a thorny problem. Only their marital name appears on one certificate while the other also includes their birth name. What create a conflict in the application which refuses to aggregate them.

Among the solutions reported, a user explains that he managed to circumvent the problem by sending an email to Ameli. “They sent back a new vaccination certificate with the maiden name followed by the married name, as it appeared on the certificate of recovery”she explains.

For her part, Elodie Bracq Breda points out, however, that this does not work in her case (recovery certificate with marital name / vaccination certificate with maiden name + marital name). Ameli could not help him and a StopAntiCovid contact advised him to ask the lab to make the modification. Except that everyone passes the ball. “The lab says it can’t do anything… and that I have to join StopAntiCovid… total dead end”, she laments. Contacted by us, she tells us that the problem is still not solved.

TousAntiCovid promises an update at the end of February

On its site, the application stresses that it is necessary “have exactly the same identity between your health evidence”. Otherwise, users must contact the Health Insurance to modify their vaccination certificate or ask the professionals who carried out the screening to make the modification. Everything should settle down at the end of the current month. “At the end of February, if your first or last names appear partially on one of your certificates, technical developments in TousAntiCovid Pass+ will still allow them to be combined”, secures the site.

With Tom’s Guide, Elodie Bracq Breda confirms that there has been a recent update : “There has been a small fix indeed because now the application offers to combine (which was even impossible before)”. A glimmer of hope that quickly faded. “We select the two certificates, we ask to combine except that then an error message explains that the certificates have different names. So the problem is still the same. I hope it’s not that update they were talking about and there will be another one by the end of the month, but I kinda doubt”.

On Twitter, a user also reports the following problem:

Contacted, she confides that she finally had to take her third dose. “The problem came from the fact that there were less than 3 months between my second dose and the moment when I had the Covid. Unable to merge passes in this case”, she explains. If you are confronted with a bug, we advise you to update the application regularly in order to benefit from future patches.

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