Antigen tests sold in pharmacies can be integrated into the European digital certificate: here are the countries that accept them

As the summer holidays kick off and travelers have their eyes glued to the ECDC map to find out the color code of their next destination, the means made available by the authorities to get tested are being improved. For a few weeks, antigenic tests have been accepted to prove that one is negative on return to Belgium. Before that, some countries already accepted proof of a negative antigen test to gain access to their territory.

Since Monday, it will no longer be necessary to go through a private laboratory to obtain an antigenic test, because pharmacies have the authorization to sell them but also to test patients. “Anyone who wants to travel this summer but has not yet had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated or has not been able to carry out one of the two free PCR tests, can from this Monday be tested with a rapid antigen test. in about a thousand pharmacies”, indicates Friday the Belgian Pharmaceutical Association (APB). “If each of the more than 1,000 pharmacists performs 10 tests per day, we increase the testing capacity by more than 10,000 tests daily”, calculates Koen Straetmans, president of the APB.

It is the pharmacists who decide themselves if they put this service in place, with a known result within a quarter of an hour. The good news is that pharmacists will be able to fill out an online form with the test result, which will be sent directly to Sciensano and will appear within hours on the Covid certificate that the traveler can view on the app. CovidSafe BE. It takes between 25 and 30 euros for this type of test.

As a reminder, the Minister of Public Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, had indicated in June that he hoped that 15 to 25% of pharmacists would offer this service. With a thousand candidates, we are at the top of this range.

So here is a new possibility for the population, particularly with regard to travel abroad. But beware, not all countries accept antigen tests. The site makes it much clearer. We thus discover that France is one of these countries, with a maximum of 48 hours between the test and arrival on the territory. It’s the same for Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Portugal and even Switzerland. In Cyprus, on the other hand, only PCR tests are accepted.

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