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To have already passed through our hands, the Find X3 Pro (1149 euros) and the Find X3 Neo (799 euros) are clear successes. So before embarking on the test of the youngest in the range, the Lite (449 euros), we came to think about the price sectors.

These concepts, which are useful for establishing a hierarchy, very often skew our relationship to technology. The X3 Pro would therefore be top of the range. The Neo, from the high end of the lower range? And the Lite, a pure and hard mid-range? Let’s correlate these concepts to the reality of the telephony market. According to the GfK institute, the French spend on average 420 euros for the purchase of their smartphone.

Our way of segmenting these products does not exist absolutely in the reality of the majority of French people. Putting more than a third of net minimum wage into a telephone is a pleasure shared by a handful of technophiles with solid purchasing power.

For the rest of the world, investing in a Find X3 Lite equates to a “premium” investment. As a result, for this test we put ourselves in the right to expect that Mr. Everyman and Mrs. Michu like it. That it proposes a real consensus. It becomes almost political, but the X3 Lite must prove to us whether the majority is always right.

Price and availability of the Oppo Find X3 Lite (5G)

The Find X3 Lite is available at a price of €449.90 in “Etoilé Black” and “Astral Blue” colors. It has a unique configuration with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

Oppo Find X3 Lite at the best price
Base price: €449

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Design and grip: “I understood you”

Our eyes and our hands are the two parts of our body that interact the most with a smartphone. Very often, we sacrifice touch on the altar of sight. As if our smartphones had to be put under glass in a museum. With this X3 Lite, it is not so, the fist takes power.

The first time in hand, a pleasant feeling emerges despite a plastic back. By getting closer to the technical sheet, we decipher this barbaric term: “multilayer polymer with oil-repellent coating”.

On the ground, how does this translate? First, a shimmering grip, the smartphone never slips and handles blissfully.

After several adventures, we quickly notice that this back does not immortalize fingerprints and is not really friendly with dust. Finally ! It’s so rare these days to be able to let your phone live without a case without having to clean it once a week.

However, his appearance does not suffer. Its textured, slightly shiny appearance makes it even rather comical in the long run. Like what, glass backs do not have the monopoly of the heart.

Due to its contained size (159.1 x 73.4 x 7.9 mm for 172 grams), the X3 Lite will suit any hand shape, the grip is excellent in all circumstances. In its upper left corner, an elegant transparent plate houses a longitudinal and minimalist photo module in its organization.

The metal surround exudes solidity and the volume (left) and start (right) buttons offer marked pressure points, a frankness in the support which is greatly appreciated.

On the bottom, a USB-C port, classic. A 3.5mm jack, a news that pleases. And a loudspeaker, in line with our expectations. By cons on the upper edge, not much on the horizon. It is adorned with a single and unique loudspeaker. Too bad, we almost had the feeling of coming close to the plebiscite…

Screen, quiet strength

Before entering the voting booth, we almost believe that this X3 Lite serves us the same electoral program as its predecessor the X2 Lite.

For the start, a 20:9 format. For the middle of the quinquennium, an AMOLED panel (1080 x 2400) with a little rab, the diagonal here being 6.4 inches, against 5.8 last year.

We are relieved all the same to notice that the maximum luminosity turns more towards the extremes than last year. During this sunny month of April, the smartphone failed us very little outdoors.

The fateful moment of the end of the mandate arrives, a surprise announcement: a refresh rate of 90 Hz. For the foot soldiers, it’s an honor.

If the gain between 90 Hz and 120 Hz is appreciable (especially for playing demanding games), the gap between 60 Hz and 90 Hz is much more detectable on a daily basis. The animations are more fluid, the navigation prosperous and the colors are close to shimmering without falling into excess.

In use, the X3 Lite therefore delivers a perfectly balanced panel sounding pretty good, a little weak without headphones, but surprisingly accurate.

We thought the presence of a single loudspeaker was disabling, but during wired listening the X3 was able to convince us with its sufficient sound dynamics. The lack of bass is sometimes felt, but it remains tolerable.

In terms of resonance and spatialization, the mobile will be a little weak to watch a video without headphones.

However, apart from showing a movie trailer to a friend or watching a Brut video in bed with his girlfriend before going to bed, let’s admit that this type of use tends more towards the rare than the often, right?

Performance and interface, politically correct

To appeal to the masses, the X3 Lite is rather in the language of wood, namely a Snapdragon 765G processor paired with an Adreno 620 GPU, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, non-expandable. A configuration tested many times by the competition and which has already proven itself.

For all uses (social networks, surfing, office automation, etc.), the whole thing shows no signs of slowing down, even in multi-tasking. For more than three weeks, we felt no lag effects.

Good surprise also, even after more than two hours of streaming, the device does not heat up one Celsius.

Of course, if you want to run the most demanding games in the PlayStore, you will have to make some concessions at the graphic level, but this only concerns a handful of applications. And hey, do the majority of French people regularly play Genshin Impact, Real Racing 3 or Call of Duty?

Another advantage of this configuration, it offers an integrated 5G modem. Still in its infancy in France, this new generation of mobile networks will have to wait a little longer before being able to offer decent coverage.

Knowing that the French, again according to the GfK institute, renew their smartphones on average every 24 months, the X3 Lite suddenly becomes a good investment in the medium term. A great campaign promise.

Finally, at the interface level, Oppo is also classic with its Color OS 11 associated with Android 11. We appreciate the customizable sidebar, the dark mode and the file manager.

Even if wandering through your smartphone settings is not your favorite activity, take the time to discover the “Always-on Display” function. Strangely, we quickly become addicted to this activity, rather simple in itself, the creation of our own wallpapers. Overall, Oppo plays the card of minimalism, no risk is taken and it works rather in its favor.

Autonomy and recharging, an energetic centrism

Despite its average size, the X3 Lite houses a 4300 mAh battery compatible with a 65W Super VOOC 2.0 charging. Advantage, refueling is done at lightning speed. How practical and valuable.

It took us an average of 38 minutes to fully charge it. Disadvantage, this charger is imposing and weighs the trifle of 100 grams on its own, suddenly it is not discreet to transport. Minimum one bag, backpack or tote bag.

Fortunately for him, and for us, the X3 Lite easily lasts a day, plus a morning of intensive use. By activating the “Dark” mode, we sometimes lasted almost two days. Significant autonomy, without being extraordinary.

A very useful fast charge, but an imposing charger. For a smartphone of this caliber, let’s say it is placed on the median.

Photo, “abracadabrantesquely” powerful

Yet discreet from a design point of view, the entire dorsal photo block hides its game well. It breaks down as follows:

  • a 64-megapixel main sensor, wide-angle lens 26mm (f/1.7)
  • ultra wide angle (119°, f/2.2); 8 megapixel sensor
  • a depth sensor and another monochrome 2 megapixels (f/2.4) each

Whether in direct sunlight, under gray skies or at the end of the day, the main sensor is devilishly efficient. The level of detail and sharpness are skilfully measured.

Good point, the color treatment balances the intensity of each graphic element without too much preference for bright patterns. This choice to favor naturalness, rather than more superficial color management, gives an authentic aspect to the photos.

Special mention for the management of shadows and contrasts which almost transcribes on the photo what the eye perceives in reality.

Although it does not have a dedicated telephoto lens, the digital zoom does quite well. Whether in 2x or 5x zoom, with a little stability, the image remains sharp and the degradation of details remains minimal.

The ultra wide angle comes out with more than honorable mention, the optical distortion is felt without being too obvious. Finally, the anecdotal macro mode is not bad, far from it, but we rarely think of using it.

Ultra wide-angle and wide-angle

Twilight photo and 5X zoom

At night, the main sensor logically shows its first weaknesses. The level of detail on the edges of the photos is not convincing, on the other hand the elements in the foreground always enjoy a suitable sharpness.

By using the “Night” mode, a surplus of brightness will be “dispatched” intelligently on the various graphic elements.

Where other smartphones globally improve the brightness, Oppo’s algorithms seem to manage each island independently (sky, trees, streetlights, trash cans, signs, etc.). Finally, whether with or without “Night” mode, the management of light sources rarely poses “flare” problems.

Main sensor

“Night” Mode

No complaints about portrait mode and selfies (32 MP front sensor). The bokeh effect is well done, the demarcation between the subjects and the background is done very smoothly without loss of detail.

Little candy before ending, slow motion videos at 240 fps in HD and 120 fps in Full HD.

Oppo Find X3 Lite at the best price
Base price: €449

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Our opinion

As explosive as its two big brothers, the Oppo X3 Lite (5G) is the ideal candidate for gathering crowds. He is the man of the people. The one who has understood the desires and refusals of his militant base.

A subtle design, but above all ready for the vagaries of everyday life. A nice and vivid screen, sufficient power, a pleasant battery life and a camera that performs well in all circumstances.

Some could blame him for a few pans such as the absence of stereo sound, wireless charging or the impossibility of extending the storage capacity, which is already ample. Not us, because such reproaches would be too bourgeois on the whole.

In fact, the only two things that we blame it for its price is the lack of waterproof certification and a charger, which is certainly fast, but too large.

Because for the rest, it is clearly one of the two best “top of the mid-range”. In the second round, it obviously falls on the inevitable incumbent, the Galaxy A52 5G. You choose.

Oppo Find X3 Lite


Oppo Find X3 Lite

Performance and interface


Autonomy and charging


Techno-price ratio


WE love

  • Impeccable grip
  • Nice screen at 90 Hz
  • Good battery life and fast charging
  • Complete photo block

We love less

  • No waterproof certification
  • Much too large charger

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