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From the English “quick response code” literally “quick response code”, a QR Code is a computer device used to encode information. Its use has been widely deployed with the Covid epidemic and the establishment of a certificate serving as a pass (vaccination, health). How to get it? Scan it with which applications? Put it as a widget on your phone? Practical Guide.

The use of the QR Code has been widely deployed in France with the health pass and the vaccination pass. And mainly with the certificates of vaccinations and tests. Manual.

What is a QR Code?

From English “quick response code” literally “quick response code”, a QR Code is a computer device used to encode information. behind this black and white square resembling a bar code sophisticated actually hides a font allowing to translate a writing. The size of the QR Code determines the amount of information it contains. If we talk a lot about it lately in France, the QR Code is appeared in Japan in 1999. “For a long time, the QR Code was not really useful in Europe, even if it was already extremely used in Asia, especially in China, simply because applications such as WeChat (very popular text messaging application in China) integrated a QR Code reader into the camera. In Europe, each time we had a QR Code, it was necessary to download an application to be able to read it. This was a major friction element for the deployment of the QR Code in Europe. This friction problem has been resolved on the latest generations of smartphones, in particular on the entire Apple version, it has been two to three years that we can read a QR Code with the camera reacts Jérôme Lesur, director of Holytag, the 100% QR Code NFC platform, made in France.

How it works ?

The QR Code is a type of bar code that provides access to content on the Internet. The principle is simple: just scan the QR Code via the camera of your smartphone or via a third-party application. You then access a website without having to enter a URL beforehand. This process can be used in many situations where information must be read quickly: on a product, a plane ticket or train, in a magazine, on restaurant tables to access the menu, to make a payment, to leave a review in a shop, to obtain more information about a product on television or about a work in a museum, and of course on the anti-covid certificates.

The recovery of the QR Code of the vaccination certificate or the Covid test certificate is required as part of the health pass.

To retrieve the QR Code of the vaccination certificate:

► Go to the health insurance teleservice. This online service is intended for beneficiaries of a French health insurance scheme. To identify yourself with FranceConnect, you will need your access codes to your Ameli account, your MSA account or your tax area. To upload your vaccination certificate in the application ” AllAntiCovid “, go to the section ” My notebook “, select ” Add a certificate ” and scan the QR code at the bottom left of the certificate (printed document or displayed in pdf on the screen). If you cannot scan the QR code, simply take a photo of your vaccination certificate with your smartphone. Then you can present this photo if you need it. The QR codes will be readable in the same way as if they were in the TousAntiCovid notebook.

To retrieve the QR Code of the Covid test:

► Connect to the platform with your FranceConnect identifiers or click on the link sent by email or SMS by the laboratory. All PCR and antigen tests generate proof as soon as the professional enters the result into the SI-DEP database, which can be printed directly and which is also made available to the patient via email and SMS to go to the recover on SI-DEP. Once connected, the QR Code is displayed. You can scan it from your smartphone after opening the Tous Anti Covid app.

How to scan a QR Code with a smartphone © everst-123RF

To scan a QR Code and read the data it contains very quickly, all you have to do is:

  • to open the camera of his smartphone and direct it towards the barcode about 20cm away.
  • The Smartphone sends a notification with an Internet link: all you have to do is click on it to access the information.

“This simplifies the use of the QR Code since you just need to take your camera, come and land on the QR Code and it is automatically recognized by the device” rejoices the specialist. Most smartphones have a player built right into the camera. Internet connection is required. If this optical reader is not integrated into the smartphone, which is the case for many androidthe QR Code can be decoded using a third-party application to download in the Play Store.

What application to read a QR Code?

When reading the QR Code is not possible with the smartphone camera, proceed as before, i.e. by using a application “QR Code reader” to download in the Play Store. There are plenty of them!” says Jérôme Lesur.

► Let’s quote Google Lens, the image recognition feature developed by Google that uses the smartphone’s camera to detect and provide information about objects. The principle for reading a QR Code is the same: just point the phone at the QR Code. As soon as a blue dot appears in the center of the QR Code, all you have to do is click on it to identify its content. It is available for all smartphones.

It is possible to have faster access to your vaccination or health pass following the update of the Tous Anti Covid application which allows you to choose a “favorite” pass and to display the QR Code directly on your phone via a ” widget”:

  • Go to the All Anti Covid application > Open my notebook
  • Click on the Heart at the top right to change it to dark color, which means that it is the “favorite” certificate
  • On Android : keep pressing on the phone’s home screen, at the bottom select “Widget” and scroll until you see the one corresponding to the favorite QR Code of the Tous Anti Covid application.
  • On Apple : press and hold on the phone’s home screen, press “+” to add a widget and find the health pass QR Code.

The so-called “European” health pass is compulsory for travel. This is’a document (paper or digital) attesting that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19 (complete schedule, 2 doses most often and a reminder if eligible) or is negative for Covid-19 (PCR test or antigen, no self-test) or has recovered from Covid-19 (certificate of recovery). Both versions have a QR code containing the essential information, as well as a digital signature to guarantee the authenticity of the certificate and to protect it against falsification. The QR Code can be presented in paper format and it will be scanned at the airport or via the TousAntiCovid application.

Thanks to Jérôme Lesur, manager of Holytag, the 100% QR Code NFC platform, made in France.

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