what is a Certificate of Reinstatement and how do I get it?

A third possibility exists and is only available to people infected with Covid-19 less than six months ago, who can be issued a health pass by presenting a recovery certificate. What is this document for? How to get it? Explanations.

What is a Certificate of Reinstatement?

A certificate of recovery corresponds to a positive test for Covid-19 carried out more than eleven days and less than six months ago. It attests to the fact that a person has already had the coronavirus, that they are now cured and that their risks of reinfection are limited.

Attention: previously, PCR and antigen screenings were both authorized to prove that one had already been sick. But since the publication of a new decree in the Official Journal on July 9, only a PCR test will be accepted to certify past contamination with Covid.

How to obtain this document?

To retrieve the results of a positive PCR test and thus be able to access places subject to the presentation of the health pass, the government has set up the sidep.gouv.fr platform. You can connect to it using your FranceConnect credentials.

The document retrieved online will act as a health pass and can be presented in paper format, in digital format if downloaded directly to a smartphone, or directly to the TousAntiCovid application by scanning the QR Code present on the test.

Note that it is wiser to quickly download your results once your Covid-19 test has been carried out. They are only kept for three months on SI-DEP.

Tested between mid-January and March 28?

However, former Covid-19 patients risk encountering a problem. The SI-DEP platform was only set up by the government on April 19. French people who tested positive before this date and less than six months ago cannot therefore find the results of their screening there.

They can of course contact the laboratory where they carried out their screening, but the document which will be issued to them will not present any QR Code – as is the case for all the results before April 19, explains Release. However, the Directorate General of Health confirmed to the newspaper that the only report of a laboratory analysis is not considered as a certificate of recovery, and is therefore not sufficient to obtain the health pass.

On the other hand, two months after being infected, former patients can receive a dose of vaccine, their vaccination certificate and therefore their health pass.

Regarding French people infected before April 19 and after March 28, the Ministry of Health assured the end of June to Parisian that a catch-up was going to be put in place. They will be able to retrieve proof of a positive PCR test on the SI-DEP portal.

On the other hand, for the moment, people who tested positive less than six months ago and before March 28, but not yet vaccinated cannot obtain a health pass thanks to a recovery certificate. Two million people are in this situation, according to The Parisian, citing Public Health France. The only solution to obtain a health pass in anticipation of its obligation in bars, restaurants and other public places: make an appointment for a vaccination or carry out a PCR test.

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