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Show a Covid-19 certificate to enter and sit in a Parliament in Switzerland? Under the Federal Dome, the question is burning. If the document is not mandatory at the moment, the situation could change.

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In the French-speaking cantons, too, the question is beginning to arise within the cantonal legislatures. Tuesday, the daily 24 hours revealed that the Vaudois Grand Council has taken it over.

Socialist MP Jessica Jaccoud sent a letter to all political groups to impose the Covid certificate in the hemicycle and in the bar.

When we were on Tuesday at the Grand Conseil bar drinking coffee, inside, without presenting a Covid certificate, I had the impression of being subject to an exceptional diet

Jessica Jacoud, president of the Socialist Party of Vaud. [Jean-Christophe Bott - Keystone]

Jessica Jaccoud, Vaud MP

“As parliamentarians, we have a duty to set an example. When we were at the Grand Council bar drinking coffee on Tuesday, inside, without presenting a Covid certificate, I had the impression of to be subject to an exceptional diet. This made me extremely uncomfortable”, she explains Thursday in La Matinale.

“Prevent MPs from working”

In Geneva, the office of the cantonal Parliament will discuss it next Thursday. On a personal note, the leader of the PLR ​​group Yvan Zweifel is against it, but he has not yet consulted his troops: “If today you go to a restaurant or a cinema, you must present a Covid certificate, but you go there for leisure.”

And to add: “The staff who work there are not required to present this Covid certificate. For them, it is their job, their income. For the deputy, the parallel is identical. (…) We would prevent MPs to work, which is a problem.”

Members would be prevented from working, which is a problem

Yvan Zweifel, PLR group leader at the Geneva Grand Council [Martial Trezzini - Keystone]

Yvan Zweifel, head of the PLR ​​group at the Geneva Grand Council

In Valais, the health pass is not compulsory for deputies, but the situation could change. The parliaments of Neuchâtel, Friborg and Jura do not move until there is a legal basis. However, the Jura legislature could self-impose the document: discussions are underway.

In this table, there is a Bernese exception. The Covid certificate is not imposed to enter the room, it is to access the bar for everyone, including elected officials.

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