Ministry of Health suspends authorization of Gigalab saliva tests (document)

Almost three months after it was granted, the registration certificate for the “Gigalab Covid 19 Ag Gold Saliva” saliva test was suspended by the Ministry of Health, thus ending the controversy that arose after the opposition of biologists to the sale of these tests in pharmacies.

The decision to suspend Gigalab’s tests was announced the same day as the publication by the Ministry of Health of the decision regulating the performance of Covid-19 screening and diagnostic tests.

In its decision (document at the bottom of the article), the Ministry of Health called on the laboratory to “withdraw the product Gigalab Covid 19 Ag Gold Salive without delay” from the market and calls him to “inform all healthcare professionals of the suspension of the registration certificate of said reagent”.

Gigalab surprised by the withdrawal decision

For its part, the company Gigalab does not hide its surprise at this decision. According to an authorized laboratory source, this decision “is a first, a laboratory reagent has never been suspended! “.

Following obtaining the authorization, the duration of which was fixed at five years, the laboratory says that it has launched an investment in Agadir for the construction of a factory intended for the manufacture of the tests.

Gigalab believes that it has provided “all the scientific proof of the effectiveness” of its product, and deplores the withdrawal from the market of the only Moroccan product: “we are the only national product in this category. Now there will only be imported products”.

The scientific committee did not give the green light

In addition, a well-informed source told Médias24 that several shortcomings were noted in the process. “Gigalab had undertaken to wait for the green light from the technical and scientific committee before marketing its test. To date, the scientific committee has not given the green light”, confides our source.

Gigalab has therefore marketed its tests, on the basis of the registration certificate given to it by the Ministry of Health.

The tests were indeed available in pharmacies for a few days, at the price of 100 DH per test, before the Ministry of Health ordered him to withdraw them.

Since then, Gigalab tests have flooded the net. They are on sale on pages on social networks or by certain parapharmacies in direct sales via whatsapp.

Still according to our source, the authorities considered that by this practice, Gigalab exceeded the authorization granted to it and violated the provisions of the state of health emergency.

Here is the decision of the Ministry of Health:

Here is the authorization document granted by the Ministry of Health on June 3:

Anass El Rhazi

August 24, 2021 at 11:15 a.m.

Modified August 24, 2021 at 11:20 a.m.

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