Covid-19: proof of an infection of more than 3 months will soon be easier to provide

This is a measure that will satisfy a significant proportion of people who tested positive before the launch of the first version of the health pass in France in June. One of the measures of the bill on the management of the health crisis, definitively adopted by Parliament on Sunday July 25, “aims to authorize access to data appearing in the Si-Dep file beyond three months, within a limit six months”. Concretely, this modification of the rules will allow people who tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 more than three months ago to recover proof of the result.

An essential document to be vaccinated in a single dose. The High Authority for Health (HAS) recommends a vaccination schedule against Covid-19 in one injection for people who have already been infected with the virus, whether or not they have developed a symptomatic form of the disease. But this proof is also useful to act as a certificate of recovery and avoid chaining negative tests to go to the cinema, the museum or the swimming pool while people who have already tested positive benefit from a natural immunity against the virus. SARS-CoV-2. The Covid-19 recovery certificate being one of the three possible proofs for a health pass to be considered valid.


False health pass: deputies remove the heavy sanctions provided for by the government

Until now, the Si-Dep platform did not keep test results for more than three months, the legal period for storing personal data in the system. Except that, when the health pass was launched for the first time in June for major events bringing together more than 1,000 people, thousands of people who had already had Covid-19 remained on the floor. And this, because any PCR or antigen test carried out before April 20 did not have the QR code necessary for the proper functioning of the health pass. A catch-up was carried out by the health authorities via an SMS campaign, to allow people who tested positive between March 28 and April 20 to download the test result in a valid format. Since July 6, positive or negative test certificates are now available on the sidep.gouv platform provided they are less than 3 months old.

So, not everyone who tested positive before March 28 benefited from this technical update. However, if they have not kept proof of their positive test, they are forced to be vaccinated in a so-called complete scheme, i.e. two doses with Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca. If they refuse to be vaccinated, for lack of a positive test result with a barcode, they are forced to chain the negative tests which serve as a health pass.

Boost vaccination coverage

Thanks to this new measure, initially resulting from an amendment tabled by the Agir deputies and which was retained in the final text of the bill adopted on Sunday by Parliament, the problem should be solved. Anyone who tested positive before March 28 and who has not yet started vaccination against Covid-19 could soon download the document on sidep.gouv and present it to the healthcare professional who will then inject a single dose. (in case the person has not kept the test result in its old version).

The Agir deputies also hope that “this provision will contribute to the acceleration of our national vaccination coverage”. And this, in particular by freeing up appointment slots which could be reserved by vaccination volunteers who require a vaccination course in two injections. To date, according to Public Health France, 58.2% of French people are at least partially vaccinated against Covid-19. Among them, 48.2% completed the vaccination schedule. Guest of the 1 p.m. news from TF1 on Wednesday, Prime Minister Jean Castex has also revised the objectives upwards: the authorities are aiming for 50 million first-timers by the end of August.


Covid-19: there will ultimately be no sanction if you do not flash the QR code of the reminder book

As for those who have not yet taken the plunge to be vaccinated, there is no longer any need, normally, to chain PCR or antigenic tests to present a negative result within 48 hours. They will also be able to download the document on the sidep.gouv platform. The maximum retention period for PCR or antigen test results will not exceed six months. This actually corresponds to the maximum period of validity of a positive test result serving as a certificate of reinstatement for the health pass in France. Please note that at European Union level, the validity period for a positive test result for Sars-CoV-2 may be lengthened or shortened. If you wish to travel to one of the 27 EU Member States by presenting proof of recovery as proof of a health pass, it is better to inquire in advance, via the diplomatie.gouv platform.

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