Can I go abroad with a Covid-19 recovery certificate?

With the arrival of sunny days and the weakening of sanitary measures, perhaps you have planned trips abroad. But can we go abroad with a recovery certificate if we do not have a complete vaccination schedule? We answer you.

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Hello, I’m going abroad on May 16th and I must have two doses minimum. In my case, I had the Covid, then my first dose in March. My second dose is scheduled for early June. Can I get vaccinated at the beginning of May (i.e. one month before the recommendation)? If yes, how to proceed?
asks Hugo.

To travel, it may be necessary to provide a vaccination pass as well as a negative PCR or antigen test. But can a recovery certificate be integrated into a vaccination pass?

As a reminder, a recovery certificate is a positive test for Covid-19 that is more than 11 days old and less than 4 months old (since February 15, 2022). This certificate can be retrieved on the platform.

When your recovery certificate expires, you must do a booster dose. To find out when you are eligible for this booster dose, you can consult the website: This dose is necessary to maintain a valid vaccination pass. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to be vaccinated before the recommendation.

And for traveling, how does it work?

Everything depends ” rules that apply in each country “, specifies the site of the Ministry of Health. While some countries like the Czech Republic have completely lifted Covid measures for travellers, others still require a full vaccination pass as well as a negative PCR or antigen test on departure and arrival.

Most countries consider a recovery certificate to temporarily replace a booster dose. But, this is not the case of the United States or the United Kingdom. The latter two only recognize the doses of vaccine to have a complete vaccination pass. You can still leave provided you have a compelling reason (which can be consulted on the website) to take a PCR test two days before departure and to respect a ten-day isolation period.

So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, do not hesitate to visit the website in the section: travel advice.

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