A man was traveling with a false PCR test certificate: a six-month sentence required

The Hal-Vilvoorde public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday requested a six-month prison sentence against an individual who had tried to fly by presenting a false PCR test. Three weeks ago, a similar sentence was requested in a similar case. Between April 25 and May 20, 307 people were arrested at the airport with a falsified PCR test.

Since April 19, it is once again possible for Belgians to travel abroad. Upon return, the traveler must however complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF). In an effort to combat abuse, the College of Attorneys General has issued guidelines for prosecuting people who falsify these forms or Covid test certificates.

These stipulate that persons who produce or use false documents must be immediately summoned before the criminal court, but the public prosecutor’s office may choose to first offer an amicable settlement in the amount of 750 euros. According to an announcement by the Attorney General, Ine Van Wymersch, on April 27, this is what the Hal-Vilvoorde public prosecutor’s office has decided to do for people traveling via Brussels Airport.

Bought 30 euros

On May 7, a man showed up at the airport with a document attesting to a negative PCR test. After investigation with the laboratory that was supposed to have carried out the test, it turned out that no test had been carried out with these reference numbers and that the name of the man concerned did not appear in their records either. . The traveler then admitted to having bought the false certificate for 30 euros.

The man did not accept the out-of-court settlement offer. The public prosecutor therefore requested on Tuesday a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 1,600 euros against him. The fraudster did not appear at the hearing and therefore risks being condemned by default. The verdict will be given on July 12.

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