New high-tech lab will meet demand for active ingredients in personal care

SILAB has launched two new production facilities over the last three years as part of a three-year program to increase output for global markets as part of a £25m (€30m) investment package.

The biotech has focused on site expansions, new technology and infrastructure to deliver sustainable, innovative solutions.

Deputy General Manager for Strategy, Xavier Gaillard said the expansion program stems from a desire to “offer the cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic markets ever more innovation solutions, while responding to the current major challenges of security, traceability and sustainability sourcing​”.

Huge possibilities

Natural active ingredients are an important growth area for SILAB and a “major strategic development road​”. The new lab therefore represents “a powerful innovation lever​” to support growing activity driven by customer demand, says Deputy General Manager for Innovation, Brigitte Closs-Gonthier.

Microorganisms are so diversified that they open up an immense field of possibilities. Biomimetic approaches also make it possible to develop new processes, such as bio-guiding.

“This is an area where much remains to bediscovered. It offers tremendous prospects for the development of new innovative active molecules,”she said.

Investment strategy

SILAB supplies global markets and develops around four to six standard or proprietary ingredients per year.

Bio-actives account for 20% of research and development, but the company is continually improving resources to bolster innovation through site expansion and skills progression.


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