EU votes to extend Covid certificate until 2023

The parliamentarians voted against the popular consultation by extending the Covid certificate for one year. In France the government would like to extend the state of health emergency and the pass: will the opposition oppose it?

A few months ago the European Union launched a major consultation to find out whether the European Covid certificate should be suspended or not. According to information published on Twitter, 385,000 Europeans responded to this consultation with 97% opposing the extension of the certificate.

Such a figure shows the enormous popular opposition to the pass in all the countries of Europe. But yesterday the EU and its parliamentarians decided once again not to take into account the opinion of the people and common sense, as noted by a member of the European Parliament in an article published on Mediapart: “we learned, a few days, that the Commission had brushed aside the results of this public consultation, according to a “confidential” letter sent on April 24 to Mr López Aguilar, European Parliament rapporteur on this file. The letter, summarizing the results of the public consultation, lists nearly 400,000 responses. Almost all of them oppose the maintenance of the European digital certificate. The results of the citizen consultation, overwhelmingly unfavorable to the certificate, were rejected by the Commission in defiance of any democratic debate. This can not go on “.

The European parliament decided despite this to extend the Covid certificate in Europe by one year until June 2023. This certificate was to expire on June 30, 2023. The EU also voted so that the certificate could be adjusted for doses of vaccines administered, regardless of the Member State, that a certificate of recovery can be established after an antigen test, that more antigen tests are authorized and that vaccination certificates can be given to those who take part in clinical trials.

Only RN MPs played the role of opposition and opposed the Covid certificate

In concrete terms, at the level of French deputies, the vast majority of LFI/NUPES deputies voted in favor, as did those of Ensemble.

The vast majority of deputies from the National Rally (Juvin, Mariani, Bilde, Joron, Garraud, Jalkh, Beigneux, Jamet, Androuët, Lacapelle Griset, etc.) and one deputy from the Republicans (Bellamy) played their roles and opposed this certificate rejected by the popular consultation.

It should be noted that MEPs voted blindly for this certificate even though no impact study on the European digital certificate was carried out either before, during or during this vote. The RN is therefore the only party to have opposed en masse in the European parliament to this measure to extend the past.

Several Internet users were very disappointed with the vote on this text by the deputies of France Insoumise or the Greens:

In France we have just learned via Atlantico that the government will present a bill by a resigning minister (we will have seen everything in France) to extend the health pass. According to Atlantico, “Brigitte Bourguignon had time to send the Council of State the first post-legislative 2022 Covid bill”. This text is registered as a matter of urgency from June 29 and plans to extend the state of health emergency from August 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 by authorizing the Prime Minister by decree to require people aged at least 12 to provide proof ( vaccination, recovery, test).

The laissez-passer is therefore likely to be back this fall in France to once again put gigantic brakes on the freedom of movement in Europe in defiance of fundamental human rights and despite the European popular refusal. A sad time for popular representativeness… As France Soir notes, the danger now is that, under the pretext of various epidemics, security problems, the state of emergency is extended indefinitely, which effectively places us outside of Democracy. …


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