2022-06-24 International travelers, beware of entry procedures to Japan

The French Embassy in Japan has just sent a message to all French people registered in the register of foreigners established outside France. If you live in Japan, and you haven’t received it yet, maybe it’s because

  • You are not registered yet,
  • your file is not up to date,
  • or the email has fallen into spam.

Registration in the register of French people residing in Japan is free, and is done from your public service account. If you have to live in Japan for more than three months, Local News in Japan strongly recommends that you do so.

Note: Tourists cannot subscribe to this tool, but can subscribe to Ariane, which is the equivalent and sends useful messages in the same way.

Message from the Embassy of France in Japan to all its residents in Japan

In view of the difficulties encountered by a certain number of our compatriots when boarding flights to Japan, the Embassy would like to remind you of certain rules defined by the Japanese authorities that you will have to respect to ensure your return to Japanese territory. without difficulty.

These conditions are those currently applicable. They are likely to change depending on the decisions taken by the Japanese authorities.

1/ COVID test

We particularly draw your attention on the obligation that remains, regardless of the country of origin, to carry out a COVID test within 72 hours prior to your departure for Japan. This requirement applies to anyone authorized to enter Japan who is 6 years of age or older, regardless of their vaccination status.

The certificate attesting to a negative COVID test result must necessarily contain the following information: surname/first name, date of birth, test method, sample, date of collection, result, name of the medical institution performing the test, date of the result. The Embassy strongly recommends that you use the template provided by the Japanese authorities and accessible via the following link: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/000909641.pdf. In the event of non-presentation of a compliant certificate, travelers are exposed to a refusal of boarding by the airline or of entry into Japanese territory by the Japanese authorities.

WARNING : test certificates in European format with QR code, which can be registered on the “all anti-COVID” application, are not accepted by the Japanese authorities.

WARNING : the Japanese authorities recognize only two types of test as valid: by nucleic acid amplification (PCR type) or “quantitative” antigen (CLEIA type). So-called “qualitative” antigen tests (self-test type or carried out in pharmacies) are not accepted. The Embassy strongly recommends that you carry out a PCR testthis method being the most widespread.

2/ Preparing for your entry into Japanese territory

Any traveler entering Japanese territory must have a valid visa or residence permit.

The health measures to be implemented when entering Japanese territory depend on the country of origin of the travellers. The Japanese authorities thus distinguish between three categories of countries: red, yellow and blue. France has been placed in the blue category. Consequently, provided that they can prove a negative COVID test carried out within 72 hours before their departure, travelers from France are exempt from quarantine and testing upon arrival in Japan, regardless of their vaccination status.

The Japanese authorities have created a procedure called “Fast Track”, non-mandatory, accessible from the MySOS application. This procedure allows you to prepare your entry into Japanese territory by pre-registering the information and supporting documents that will be requested upon your arrival. It thus gives you the guarantee before your departure that you have all the documents that will be required of you by the Japanese authorities and in the correct format. It will also allow you to speed up checks at the airport. The Embassy recommends its use. Details of this procedure are available in English via the following link: https://www.hco.mhlw.go.jp/fasttrack/en/

3/ Additional information

In case of questions, we recommend that you refer to the following sources:

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