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In addition to a short dictation, the examination for the Voltaire Certificate takes the form of a MCQ of 195 questionscomposed of 65% grammatical rules, 15% semantic and lexico-semantic rules (related to meaning), 15% lexical rules (related to vocabulary) and 5% syntactic rules (related to sentence construction).

As we can see, a language is made up of rules, most of the time logical. And if we do not know them, it is impossible to apply them. The first step in your work therefore consists of reviewing all of these rules and learn the ones you had forgotten – or that you never knew -, with the help of specialized booksand why not the French textbooks of your little brothers, sisters, cousins ​​who are in college or primary school… And of course learning does not go without understanding, otherwise it will be impossible to memorize.

Exercises always

After the theory, practice ! Nothing like small exercises to train and assimilate the rules that you have just learned. Not only does this anchor knowledge, give you automation, but it allows you to make knowledge more concrete.
Of course, you can find a lot of workbooks, to choose from depending on the skills you want to work on. You can also find it on the internet, but the best is to print them out and do them by hand, to avoid any help from a spell checker. To get out of your bag as soon as you have a few free minutes, like in transport or a waiting room.
Finally, don’t skip the steps: do exercises directly related to the concept you have just seen, just to hit the nail on the head right away and above all not to mix everything up.

Train on records

The objective of Voltaire certificate is certainly to help you improve your French, but above all to allow you toadd this skill to your CV and thus enhance your application. ” The Voltaire Certificate is anything but a spelling bee, it is a tool that gives access to jobs explains François Davy, ex-president of the Adecco Group, the world’s leading recruiter, on the Voltaire Project website.

Your objective is therefore to obtain the maximum points. And for that, it is important to master both the substance, that is to say the French language, and the form, namely the methodology of the test. To put the odds on your side, you must therefore understand the logic of the exercises and know how to manage your time. And so for that, you must have trained at least once on real subjects, annals, and in conditions, that is, watch in hand.
Indeed, you have less than one minute on average for each question. Even if it is more than enough for some easy questions, on the other hand for others where you dry up, it is better to ignore than to waste too much time, even if it means coming back to it later. Only training on annals will allow you to find your own method.

A book to help you!

You want to get a good score Voltaire® Certification ? This book is made for you!
A practical tool, it offers 50 summary sheets on the essential rules to know in order to obtain a high score. Organized in 5 parts (spelling usage, conjugation, grammar, syntax, vocabulary), it will enable candidates and anyone wishing to progress in spelling to acquire a solid foundation.
50 essential rules Voltaire® certification

Combine the useful and the pleasant

The French language it’s serious… but that’s no reason to make revisions a torture! There are many books or websites and blogs that offer fun exercisesor even which allow you to relax or laugh while improving your level ofspelling or of grammar. Whether it’s the content, the learning: puns with homonyms, contrepèteries, anagrams, etc., or the form, the way through quizzes, riddles, etc.

On Twitter, for example, there are humorous accounts based on identifying French mistakes, such as Bescherelle ta mère (@bescherelle) or One fault per day (@1faultperday) of the Voltaire Project. On the site side, you can consult the portal site for web proofreaders, or, as well as the site of a teacher, J’aime la langue française or the blog of the correctors of the newspaper The world, Tongue hot sauce. And of course there are many more.
It’s also a way of realizing that the French language can be a great playground for humor and not just a chore!

Opt for a preparation

If you don’t feel motivated enough or don’t have the resources to work on your own, you can always prepare as part of an organization. The most reputable in this field is obviously the creator of the exam, the Voltaire Project. And all the more so since it has joined forces with nearly 800 partner schools (universities, engineering or business schools, IUT, etc.), including yours, to offer its expertise.

The most practical, if your school is not a partner, is to use online spelling refresher services, which adapt to your level and your pace. In addition, they are accessible on smartphone or tablet, just to be able to practice at any time. According to the Voltaire Project, a refresher course of 10 hours on average is enough to reach a very correct level. The Voltaire Project also offers training courses with coaches.

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