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The validity period of the recovery certificate issued after having tested positive for Covid-19 has been reduced from six to four months since February 15. It acts as a booster dose and remains valid without time limit for first-timers.

Questions asked by Daniel on February 13,


You have asked us several times about the validity period of the certificate of recovery obtained after having tested positive for Covid-19. Since August 2021, any positive PCR or antigen test (not a positive self-test, however) gives the right to this recovery certificate, valid under the vaccine pass.

Since Tuesday, to benefit from this certificate, the test result must be more than eleven days old and less than four months old, “for people infected before any injection, between two injections or less than three months after their initial vaccination schedule”, specifies the government website. The period of validity of the certificate is thus reduced to four months, against six previously, as we announced in an article at the beginning of February. It applies to all people recently infected, including before the entry into force of this measure.

In the case of an unvaccinated person who has been infected with Covid, he or she benefits from a certificate of recovery with the “default” validity period, i.e. limited to four months from the date the test was carried out. It is also necessary to wait two months after the infection to be vaccinated. Namely, in this case, “one dose is enough for your initial vaccination”also indicates the Ministry of Health.

Unlimited validity for first-timers

With regard to people who first carried out a complete primary vaccination (two doses, or only one if they had previously contracted Covid-19), then became infected before receiving a booster dose, CheckNews announced on Sunday the upcoming implementation of a new format of reinstatement certificates. It’s done.

Following the logic presented by Olivier Véran at the beginning of February, who wants each individual to have a valid vaccine pass once they have been exposed to the virus three times (including at least once via the vaccine), the fact of Being infected will count for first-timers as a booster dose. Provided, as indicated on the government website, that these people have “tested positive for Covid-19 more than three months after their initial complete vaccination regimen”.

These new version recovery certificates will be valid as a vaccination pass. And as well as a booster dose, they will remain valid without time limit (thus not affected by the new four-month expiration period).

Steps to follow

How do I get my recovery certificate? All positive Covid test results are recorded on the SI-DEP platform and can be retrieved with the link received after performing a test, or via France Connect. They are also accessible from a laboratory or from the health professional who produced it. The result of the positive test can then be integrated into the TousAntiCovid application and is added to the vaccination certificates.

“The Pass+ tool that you will find in the Notebook of the application will allow you to generate a new certificate of restoration without end of validity”, says the government. Once this procedure has been carried out, it is possible to obtain a certificate of recovery for an unlimited period if you have a complete initial vaccination schedule (one or two doses), as mentioned above. Do not hesitate to update the application before proceeding with this manipulation. For an antigen test carried out after February 15, the certificate will be generated automatically by the health professional in charge of the screening. Also note that this unlimited certificate is not valid abroad.


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